Posted by: miss cellany | September 16, 2007

I hate cars and traffic in general so much

That if I was in charge I would make people retake their test every year and no one would be allowed to learn till they were twenty five at least. You would also have to take some kind of stupidity test as well to eliminate boy racers and PEOPLE WHO CAN’T BE BOTHERED LOOKING IN THEIR BLOODY MIRRORS.There is a reason for my rant. My baby and I were almost pulverised by a van last week when the driver pulled out into the road having been parked and didn’t look to see that a woman who was INDICATING (rare in this town) was turing into a side road. Bam bash screech and the two of them careered onto the pavement a few metres from me and the buggy. And kept going. Reversing with a three wheeler is no joke when in a situation like this. I kept looking at the driver, for some reason, and his face was completely blank as if he was just not there at all. I got out of the way, obviously, by getting into the driveway of a care home. Lots of nurses and care workers came rushing out and I burst into tears. 

It was a bizarre morning. One moment I thought that my baby was going to be squished to bits and then I was sitting in a utility room with my astonished and just woken baby on my knee. They gave me a cup of tea, but I couldn’t drink it, because there was nowhere to sit the baby and they stood about saying the sort of things that people do and I had to entertain the baby instead of being in shock. How do we do that? How do mothers suddenly push everything away and make themselves seem perfectly ok for the sake of their children?

I am still waiting to have flashbacks or something. I have to go past the spot every day on the way to school and so far I have stopped on the way home and stared at the spot where my baby and I might have been killed if I hadn’t stopped to buy some face-cloths and a blanket. Or if I hadn’t stopped because of the car about to pull out of the care home driveway. 

I shan’t walk along that particular bit of pavement for a very long time, if ever if I can help it. 

The week before, we just missed witnessing a fatal accident at the exact spot where we cross the main

road on the way to school. A learner on a motorbike. The blood stain is still visible on the road. 

Any way. There was no one I wanted to tell. So I was with this thing all day long until home time…


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