Posted by: miss cellany | September 16, 2007

cloth nappies

I doubt my endeavours to be greener in the changing bag will turn out to be cheaper ( I am keeping the cost of it all secret from my partner who is blissfully unaware ) but at least I am down to only using a disposable at night now, wrapped up in a muslin and a wrap to mop up the leaks. My baby, now eight months is a HEAVY wetter and nothing except this system keeps her dry at night so far. I am using bamboo fibre nappies. I think they are probably the greenest option in the cloth department and I love the fact that I can have a nappy made from a bamboo plant. Who would have thought it. Also, I don’t have a tumble dryer so they are the best for air drying quickly and less bulky and more absorbant. I recently had a pad folded nappy on the baby all day long and she was fine with the fleece liner ( not so green but very effective at keeping nappy rash at bay) since she wears dresses and leg warmers instead of tights any dampness evaporated in the warm air. Not so practical all the time though and  I can’t bring myself to leave her wet like that for very long, even though her bum is actaully dry. I only use about three or four nappies a day now, because… she does her poo on a potty! I haven’t gone mad and decided to try and train an  8 month baby. I had an emergency one day when we went out and I found I had no more nappies left in my bag. we were at a cafe and she started looking like she needed to poo so I dashed into the loo with her and whipped off her nappy and sat her on the loo. She looked a little surprised but all was well and I was able to put the only slightly damp nappy back on.

SO I thought well why not save myself a lot of hassle with dirty nappies? It seemed to make sense, so I began putting her on the loo or a potty when she needed to go and it worked. 

Now I put her on the pot with a load of potty time toys in front of her and she does the bizz no bother. Much nicer for her to not be smeared in yukky poo as well! I am really astonished at how she has got into just sitting till she’s done and then getting up  – I have to be ready for that! I wonder if it will mean I have fewer problems potty training when she’s much bigger. I’m sure it will be different anyway with having real nappies and that soggy feeling. Pull ups are just a nightmare. My first child was three before she managed to stay dry and even then continued to have accidents every so often at school till she was almost six! Not that she was fazed by it at all.

But now little one is getting so wriggly at changing time it’s almost impossible to get it done without a fight. I give her a toy to play with and mostly she wriggles over and crawls off. So I’m now going to trial a pocket nappy by Minki made in Scotland. It was a toss up between that and a Bum Genius but they are made in America. Also her daddy is Scottish so it had to be a Minki. 

I’m flabbergasted by the huge variety of nappy systems available these days. A woman who insisted on giving me lifts to school in her Chelsea Tractor when I was pregnant told me that real nappies were a waste of time, that they took ages to dry and were no better than disposables. What rot.

The posibilities are endless and I have spent far too many nights perusing the immense choice on offer on the internet when I should have been doing something much more constructive.  

Hopefully I will find a system which will banish the paper nappy, as my seven year old calls them, forever.

I have discovered that velcro nappies, although very adjustable, can be scratchy on my baby’s tummy. So I’m just hoping that the Minki nappy isn’t scratchy. With the bulk of the nappy being behind the velcro it might be ok. There are plenty pocket systems with poppers, I just like the look of the minki and I know that it will keep all of her bum dry and will be super fast to dry out after wshing so I shouldn’t need too many. But then I’ll have pull ups syndrome again. And then I’ll have to get trainer pants. Oh gawd…I haven’t actually dreamt about nappies yet but I’m sure I might. Not that I would record it any where.


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