Posted by: miss cellany | February 20, 2007

absence and lack of sleep

I thought I might be lucky and get an easy baby but this one is just like her sister only harder work! At least I knew what I was in for. Getting up and doing the school walk every weekday is awsomely exhausting and I seem to have lost three quarters of my vocabulary due to lack of sleep. Last night was four hours of broken kipping which I ought to be making up for but I needed a bath and other stuff which has been left for too long needed doing as well. Now that we have broadband though, it’s much quicker to post. Obviously I am not working at the moment. I thought I would have enough time to finish my last project just after the Christmas break, but baby came three weeks early, bright and breezy on new year’s day. Very fast and very intense labour. Strange how you get the flashbacks of the pain, but thankfully that has stopped now. It would be good if I could have a few flashbacks of what it was that I was going to be doing just before she was born. 

I know if  try too hard , and start working again now,  I will get frustrated.

So my main preoccupations at the moment are whether or not to take the tank of a buggy on holiday on the train to scotland and if not, how will I manage with just a sling, and what if it rains, can I get a poncho that won’t smother her and will she be happy in a sling, since she is such a wriggly baby. I bought a babasling ( ) (can’t work out how to put the link in properly,) because the other one I have is like a parachute with all its clips and straps and phenomenally difficult to get in and out of. The babasling is a breeze, and excellent

for those moments when you need to chop some vegetables or do the icing on the cake for the teddy’s cake ( indulging my first born to the enth degree). But I don’t know if it is suitable for hiking really. Such are the complications gathering force in my limited capacity brain right now. 



  1. Oh I remember those days soooo well.

    I have three kids now but I’d actually love another. I must be nuts!

    Congratulations on your baby girl. How sweet for her big sister.

    For the Scotland trip, I think I’d choose to make do with the babasling thing while she’s still so little. We had a papoose thing for our babies for when we went hiking in the Lake District but I think they only do for babies that are a good few months old (maybe about five months, can’t remember exactly). We bought a waterproof papoose cover for it which went over their head and covered the whole of the papoose. Not sure if you can get them for the babaslings.

    Enjoy anyway. Nice to hear from you again.

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