Posted by: miss cellany | May 25, 2006

that pukey feeling

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted anything. I’ve been so busy with my work and now I am pregnant as well. I feel a definite pressure of time, deadlines and appointments and blood taking all to come in the next eight months.
So today I made myself officially pregnant. Doctors always get a bit nervous around me when I ‘seem to know all about it’. We were discussing what types of tests are available at my local hospital and my doctor stopped and asked me what my job was. Maybe twenty years ago that would have been a reasonable question; but in 2006 it seems a bit daft, since we have information at our fingertips.
So yes I know that there is a test for Down’s Syndrome done by scanning which measures the fetuses neck and it’s called a Nuchal Translucency Test and is done between about 10 and 14 weeks.
Does this mark me out as some sort of know it all pain in the arse patient, or am I just able to look stuff up on the internet. Hmm, tricky one.
When I had pre-eclampsia (now quite often called ‘pregnancy induced hypertension’, and in my case was quite often just plain old ‘white coat hypertension’) the doctors seemed positively shocked that I knew why they were taking a keen interest in my high blood pressure and swollen feet and legs. All I’d done was read the ‘you are pregnant’ book that my midwife gave me, and retained the information. Presumably not many women bother to inform themselves about their pregnancies.
My best friend is five years older than me and is expecting her second baby very soon. This makes me feel a lot better about my forthcoming tests etc.
When people get pregnant, unfortunately, all they seem to want to talk about is being pregnant. If I turn into a pregnancy bore, sorry, but I can’t help it.
My mind is filled with all the things I have to get done before January, but also aware that it’s not necessarily as straight forward as the first time. we’re not telling our daughter about it until the tests are done – unless she says why are you fat? We’re not the sort of family that hides our bodies. Not that we go around naked but nakedness is not something to be ashamed of in this house. If I’m in the bath and she needs the loo then she doesn’t have to cross her legs and wait.
Some people you don’t even notice them being pregnant, whereas it will be pretty impossible for me to conceal for very long. Especially on the beach.

Something entirely unrelated. Got a delivery of a plant today, or rather, someone knocked on the door and ran away. I saw a young man loping off through the window opened the door and found the big box. So much for delivery instructions.
Aurgh. Delivery. see, I can’t stay off the subject at all.



  1. Congratulations Miss C. I was wondering about your absence.

    Chat away about your pregnancy at every stage. I look forward to reading about it.

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