Posted by: miss cellany | March 10, 2006

1999 booker book/going anon

just finished reading Disgrace by J M Coetzee
I’m baffled why it won the booker in 1999. It’s such an odd book. It’s almost like two novelas stitched together in an almost half hearted way. I was drawn into it enough to carry on to the end but I didn’t find it a satisfying read. The main point of it, the lead character’s daughter’s decisions and reactions to her predicament did not ring true. I felt it was a device to hang an idea on rather than a story that made sense in itself. Remove the characters outside of post 1997 South Africa and place them somewhere else without that unique political backdrop and what happens? It doesn’t work. Some people might argue that that is the whole point, but I don’t like reading a novel where I’m so obviously being given a message. The character motivation needs to be believable and I just didn’t think it was at all. You’ll notice I’m not giving anything away here about the plot. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s reading about a book that I’ve not read, only to have the whole thing spoiled.

for a while I had my real name up on one of my blogs. this was ok, someone I knew but hadn’t told I had a blog found my blog by googling my name. this throws up all kinds of weirdness for me, given who the person is and the fact that he never said, oh by the way, miss cellany, I found your blog and I really dig it and I go and look every night. thing was, I had a site meter that showed the referring url and his location so I could see that he was googling my name every time instead of bookmarking my blog which is disorganized and lazy. now that I know he’s going straight to it though I have decided to go incognito again. Do you know how tricky it is to get yourself OFF a google search? It was still throwing my name up with my blog, even though I’d changed stuff. Ah yes, because google likes to make a stash of everything. So the answer? At the moment I have not posted on the blog for a week, made my profile unavailable, removed my name from the blog and then deleted the original blog, then created it again with a new account and a new user name. Yes I lost all my previous posts, I could have put them all in but it is the kind of blog that is a bit like a chalkboard. I put stuff in and then wipe it off to make room for new stuff.
So if my friend wants to see my blog now, he’ll have to remember the url, or send me an email asking for a link.
he and I go back a long way. it’s gratifying to my ego that even after millenia, he likes to look at a blog by me.


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