Posted by: miss cellany | March 9, 2006


yesterday was international women’s day and non-smoking day. well I don’t smoke anyway and I’m not sure what international women’s day means to me any more. as a student it meant putting up giant poems and banners all over the place, celebrating womens’ creative achievements amongst lots of other things but now it seems almost irrelevant. perhaps this is sad.
yesterday I made a page for this blog but I am miffed that its category is stuck as uncategorized and I can’t change it. maybe it’s something to do with the browsers I use. I used both and neither give me the option of categories at all. Oh well. If you are interested in dreaming, check out my dreaming page entitled, “what did you dream about last night?”

I spent the entire morning reading the paper when I should have been hard at work. However I did read a very interesting article about a new vaccine for multiple sclerosis being developed by a company based in Texas, US. The vaccine is now under trial.

here’s the gist of it:
Blood is taken from the MS patient
then the myelin-damaging immune cells are separated and multiplied in a dish
the cells are then irradiated to make them non-replicating
these non-replicating cells are injected back into the patient. Researchers hope that these cells make the immune system attack myelin-damaging cells, thereby halting progression of the disease.
It’s early days of course, and presumably the earlier it is implemented after diagnosis, the better. It’s an interesting approach though.



  1. You should be able to change from Uncategorized to any category you want. Here’s how I did it with some of my posts on Go to your Dashboard, Click on Manage, scroll down to the post whose category you want to change, click on Edit, remove the tick mark from the Uncategorized box next to your post, put a tick mark in the box next to the Category in which you want the post to appear, then hit Publish or Save. Your post will now be in the Category in which you want it to be. You could also create new categories if you like by going to Manage and then clicking on Categories. I enjoyed reading you. Must look up the item on David Hare.

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