Posted by: miss cellany | March 8, 2006

finding the perfect fit

right. day two and I’ve been through a few designs already. Just now I tried the Hemingway one in white, because black backgrounds make my eyes buzz, but I still didn’t like it. It looked like a badly laid out newspaper. It would probably work better for one post per day. I’ve tried the one with the calendar and all the different themes in the top bar… I liked that – but it was either too light or too yellow. Pink? yeuch. Green girls? Nope not me. Grass? Well I like nature but it looks like an advert for yogurt…
the one with the maroon side bar is nice but I’m smacking my face up against the monitor here just rying to read the tiny print…

whoah, long day. long day interspersed with trying to find the perfect template for miss cellany.
Quite liked ‘blix’, but the space for different pages was too cramped. 8/10
“Occadia” got 9/10 originally, but then where was the comment option on my new dreaming page, huh? Nope.
So I’m in the one with the red pen on top. For now. 9.5/10 for “Rubric”


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