Posted by: miss cellany | March 7, 2006

up down up up

I read something in a spanking new book about evolution recently that mentioned something called melody something website(sorry can’t remember it) that would identify any tune by your indication of high and low notes UUDDUDU etc. Yeah right, it gave me the same silly tune for every combination I put in, and I am musical, I can hum. I can sing. I know my highs from my lows. humbug. It’s probably a good thing that I can’t remember the url or you’d try it and get frustrated and it’s better just to hum away anyway.

the piece in the book was talking about growth rings in trees, by the way.



  1. I want a URL!

  2. google ‘melodyhound’ the url has changed since the book was published – and it’s still in hardback! have fun – or not…

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