Posted by: miss cellany | March 7, 2006

unidentified text

do you ever get unidentified texts? I mean text messages on your phone that are not signed. I got one of those this morning. I kind of feel sorry for whoever did it, on two counts. first, it might not have been meant for me, so whoever was supposed to get the text, didn’t. Mislaid texts can cause havoc with some people. second, the message itself was sad. I mean sad in the sense of O god, get a life, kind of sad.

on to the rest of my post. this is about the sixth or seventh or maybe even eighth blog that I’ve set up in the last nine months. miss cellany is going to do her best to keep this one going in a regular kind of way, and will try not to delete posts or delete the blog. miss cellany is not going to reveal her identity. ever. miss cellany is female though. age? it might become apparent, as time goes on. but you don’t need to know. miss cellany is rambling. that’s allowed. it’s in her nature.
excuse me while I lace up my boots and knock off the old mud.

last night was horrible. I spent it being hot and cold, shivering and sweating at the same time with an agonising ball of blockage in my right sinus which spread an acute pain all over the right side of my face, up behind my eyeball and down into my jaw, making me worry at 4 am that I might have an abcess in my tooth. bursting for a pee I creaked downstairs (the stairs creak) and took two painkillers and let two gallons of pee out before shivering and sweating my way back up to try and find a position where the sinus might drain itself. try sleep sitting up. it isn’t easy. this has been going on for days and days. of course you worry about all kinds of crap when you’re in this state at 4 am. you start worrying that you’ve got bird flu, or that you are succumbing to some misdirected curse, that some other happy idiot is managing to avoid. you start wondering why none of your family has got this lurgy – it must be significant. So you lie awake, wondering what the significance is.


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