Posted by: miss cellany | March 7, 2006


Aubergine on Toast

sounds pretty horrible, doesn’t it? This was something I made the other day (actually, it was the day before I got this nasty cold/flu thing) but it works really well. It’s a bit like something you’d eat in a health food bar, or in a cafe that doesn’t serve fried eggs, you know the sort of thing. It tasted like someone else made it, which when you’re stuck inside with no prospect of a fancy day out or even an almost fancy day out, this is the sort of thing to make. If I was entertaining a young man and wanted to see whether he was worthy of my attention, this is what I would cook. Because, frankly, it’s a really odd thing and I’d get a kick out of his reaction to it.

Aubergine (okay, egg plant to those across the pond) On Toast

steam slices of aubergine for 10 minutes
fry slices in olive oil with freshly grated ginger, sprinkle liberally with sesame seeds and slosh in some soy sauce and cook for a couple of minutes. put your slices on some toast and grate a bit of cheese on top and grill for a while.

then eat it. it is obviously much nicer on good quality bread with depth. using sliced white would be stupid.



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